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Welcome to E31Wiki – The BMW 8 Series Wiki! E31Wiki is a resource for tips, tricks, repair information and modifications for the 1989–99 BMW 8 Series (engineering platform E31).

Over the years the E31 community built up a massive amount of valuable information to owners and potential buyers of the BMW 8 Series, but a lot of this information is scattered over various forums and forum threads. Due to the nature of forums it's not always clear what the most correct, most comprehensive and most up-to-date information is about a certain subject. On a wiki site like E31Wiki, members do not contribute to an item by posting replies to threads. Instead they contribute to a single article discussing the item, constantly increasing the quality of the article.

E31Wiki's purpose is to provide the community with a centralized and permanent resource of information regarding the BMW E31 8 Series. E31Wiki does not intend to replace existing E31 forums or draw away their user base, but rather act as an extension. The discussions remain at the forums, but the information gathered may be bundled at E31Wiki and linked to from within these forums. If corrections or new information come up in the forum posts, the wiki articles can be updated accordingly. When a user hits a forum thread containing a link to an E31Wiki article, the user gets direct access to all information about that subject – possibly more up-to-date and comprehensive than the information posted in that thread.

At this moment E31Wiki is an experiment and it's unclear whether or not the website will gain appreciation in the E31 community. Hence there is very little information in the wiki at this moment. You can help it grow by adding new articles or contributing to existing articles! Registration is free of costs and only a few mouse clicks away. If interested, please read the contribute help page.

More information about the purpose of E31Wiki, the motivation for a wiki and the website's future can be read on the About page.